Migration and Development Within and Across Borders

Research and Policy Perspectives on Internal and International Migration


This innovative collection of articles examines the too often ignored connections between international and internal migration and compares their relations with processes of development in different regions of the world.  Encompassing both sending and receiving regions and countries, the essays cover labor migration to development on the level of individual migrants, their families, communities, and nations.  Each article discusses the potential contributions of research to programs and policies that are intended to enhance the development.


Migration and Development: the Forgotten Migrants
Frank Laczko


Internal and International Migration and Development: Research and Policy Perspectives
Josh DeWind and Jennifer Holdaway

Connecting Internal and International Migration and Development

Linkages Between Internal and International Migration
Ronald Skeldon

Translocal Livelihoods, Networks of Family and Community, and Remittances in Central Peru
Norman Long

Simultaneity and Networks in Transnational Migration: Lessons Learned from a Simultaneous Matched-Sample Methodology
Valentina Mazzucato

Remittances, Inequality and Poverty: Evidence from Rural Mexico
J. Edward Taylor, Jorge Mora, Richard Adams, and Alejandro López-Feldman

Comparing the Impacts of Internal and International Migration on Development

Labour Market Flooding? Migrant Destination and Wage Change during America’s Age of Mass Migration
Susan Carter and Richard Sutch

Circular Internal Migration and Development in India
Priya Deshingkar

A Socio-Cultural Perspective on Migration and Economic Development: Middle Eastern Migration from Kerala, India
Prema Kurien

Migrant Workers’ Remittances and Rural Development in China
Huang Ping and Zhan Shaohua

Impacts of Internal Migration on Economic Growth and Urban Development in China
Cai Fang and Wang Dewen

International Migration and Development: The Case of China
Zai Liang and Hideki Morooka

Remittances in the Latin American and Caribbean Region: A Review of its Economic Impact
Manuel Orozco


A Framework for Linking and Comparing the Development Impacts of Internal and International Migration in Research and Policy
Josh DeWind and Jennifer Holdaway